Could Circle DNA Insights be your Guide for a Healthier Lifestyle?

Could Circle DNA test kit with over 500+ report be your guide for a healthier lifestyle?

Circle DNA has been making its rounds around the internet and I am sure you would have stumbled upon it. We have seen many well known celebrities and influencers sharing bits and bites about their report. I was really excited to receive mine as well!

Circle DNA pride themselves as a company who offers valuable health insights, offering individuals a chance to make better lifestyle choices. Let me share some information which might comes in handy.

I received my Premium DNA test kit via DHL and immediately unpacked its content. (A test tube containing solution, a “scrub” and a “change” string bracelet.) I simply swab against the side of my mouth (interior ; cheek) and place it into the test tube. Remember to download the Circle DNA application on your mobile for verification purpose.

Summary of my DNA Report after 3 weeks

I finally received an email announcing that my DNA report is out. However, I was nervous, hoping the report would not turn out too negative.

From the table of content, it shows a lengthy report, starting with an introduction of what is DNA. It felt like I was having a biology lesson as I saw 4 pages long of explanation. The report started from page 9 onwards, with a paragraph describing the link between our DNA and each category.

The report was made easy to understand as represented by a bar throughout each category. From low to high or less likely to more likely, etc. I make sure to take note of those high sensitivity/needs or risks from my report. You might want to take note of drug response or perhaps any cancer risks?

Beside the health and wellness related issues, what I found most interesting would be the ancestry report! Above all, it is definitely a popular segment to feature since it is what makes us individually unique. For instance, I least expected myself to be 15% Vietnamese though.

In conclusion, some might still be against the idea of using Circle DNA in fear that their data might be leaked. If you are willing to use it as a guide, perhaps it could assist you in leading a more balanced or even a healthier lifestyle.

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