Cổng Trời Bali Dà Lạt (GreenHills) Review

Cổng Trời Bali Dà Lạt is one of the best cafes to visit in Dalat, Vietnam.

Despite having search through countless cafes to go to during our Dalat trip, this cafe is my favorite. It is the last day I would be staying in the mountainous city and we have already been to the main attractions. We decided to slot in a place to chill, take plenty of photos and to relax.

Cổng Trời Bali Dà Lạt is one of the many cafes found along the mountainous hill of Dalat. At first, we wanted to take the cable car ride but ended up visiting the cafe instead. The ticket price for adults is 100,000 VND each, which includes sightseeing and a drink of our choice. I was already excited as I could already spot many photography spots from outside the cafe.

The cafe also rents out Áo dài for ladies whom wish to take photos in them. Áo dài is the traditional attire of Vietnam, considered a symbol of the graceful and elegant beauty of Vietnamese women. Basically, there were 3-4 rows of beautiful Áo dài in various bright colors and designs hung on the hangers. Sad to say, there were only 2 designs for guys available.

Anyway, we started wandering around the place to capturing photos of almost every Instagramable spots. Firstly, the backdrop that made an impression was located right at the entrance itself. There were many props such as potted flowers, dried straws, fake corns and rattan baskets balance on a pole. It really portrayed the essence of Vietnamese culture.

Secondly, the motorcycle decorated with colorful flowers gives off the cutesy girly vibes outdoors. The stunning background landscape of greenery and mountains is just so breathtaking. Lastly the spot where rows of coloured incense sticks fanned out in bundles was unique and attention grabbing. Of course there where many more spots which I had not mentioned.

Finally, we went back into the cafe to order our complimentary beverages. I went for the matcha latte which my friend had the coffee latte. There were many seating all spaced out within the 3 levels and we sat facing the view. It was so relaxing and I hoped time would just pause for a moment there.

All in all, Cổng Trời Bali Dà Lạt is a place worth visiting as it offers a beautiful scenery and plenty of photo opportunity. We visited the place early in the morning so that there were less crowd. Do check them out!