Chico Gummies Supplements Review

Can gummies supplements taste so yummy?

I recently came across Chico gummies and am currently taking these supplements almost daily. As someone who like to understand the background of supplements before consuming, I did quick research on Chico.

I found that Chico Vitamins are formulated and manufactured in the USA, under strict FDA USA GMP Standards. All their products stated to be gelatin free and made with pectin, as well as all natural ingredients.

There are currently 4 type of supplements Chico retails, and I tried the following 3.

Melatonin Sleep Good (Vegan) is what I probably needed most as it promotes better sleep! Not only does it help me to fall asleep faster, but also promotes eye health. Every supplement is shaped like a berry and has a natural passionfruit flavor.

Apple Cider Vinegar (Vegan) is another supplement which most people are more familiar with! Improves digestion, promotes weight loss and supports skin health are some of its benefits. Every supplement is shaped like an apple and has a natural apple flavor.

Omega 3 DHA + EPA (Non Fishy Taste) is also loaded with benefits such as promoting heart health, cognitive health, supports your immune system. Every supplement is shaped like a gummy bear and has a natural orange flavor.

The other one which I did not get to try was the Pre+Probiotic gummies (Vegan) which has a tropical fruit flavor. It is suitable for digestive health, build immunity and arthritis health. Every supplement is shaped like a dome.

Each tub contains 120 Chico gummies and the dosage varies from each gummy supplements. Talk about taste, I was quite surprise that they tasted really delicious. I felt that I was having candies instead of supplements though.

For more information on Chico Adult Gummy Supplements, do check out their webpage here! You may also read up on my other product features too!

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