Cheah Kongsi in Penang

Cheah Kongsi is one of the oldest Hokkien clan associations in Penang.

Seh Tek Tong Cheah Kongsi is established in 1810, located in the core zone of George Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ancestral origins of its members could be traced back to China, Fujian province.

As I have noted, their webpage is not functioning well, but I could still click into some of its menu tabs. Interestingly, the Cheah surname emblem is ‘Bao Shu’, or ‘precious tree’ in Chinese. Cheah Kongsi had undergone its first major restoration and completed in 2015.

After a detour to where the side gate was, I went into the office to purchase the entrance ticket for 10RM. The very first thing after entering the compound, I headed straight to the patch of grass right in front of Cheah Kongsi. I knew it would be a perfect spot for taking photos of the entire heritage building. Within 15 minutes under the blazing sun, I was already perspiring non-stop.

Next, I headed hurriedly into the building to explore around the place. Each of the room felt like a mini gallery consisting of wooden antique furniture and personal belongings. I followed along the corridor, went up the steps that leads to the portico overlooking the street of shophouses. A pair of traditional kongsi lanterns were swaying in the breeze. The ornate Cheah Ancestral Hall looks quite majestic too!

Aside from the main building, the interpretation center is a key feature of Cheah Kongsi. It is located in a separate building on the right and tells the story of the Cheah clan. The main purpose of its establishment was to support new Cheah arrivals who hailed from same village in China.

Cheah Kongsi is definitely one of the 5 Penang Hokkien surname clan association that you should not miss! Check out my other travel reviews too!