Tokyo Disneyland – How I Felt 15 Years Ago And Now?

Have you ever heard of this proclaimed statement about Disney(land) being the happiest place on Earth? Not exactly knowing where I have heard this from, I tried recalling how I felt stepping into Tokyo Disneyland almost 15 years back, compared to recently.

I was probably still a secondary 3 student when I first visited Disneyland, together with a bunch of CCA school mates at that point of time. In fact I do not recall being as excited as compared to the recent trip? My phone camera was lousy, resulting in awful pictures which I took without having myself in any of them that time. I definitely took many wonderful pictures this time round which I could not wait to share on this platform. Perhaps this was the main factor which got me “happier” since I get to capture more memories which would fade over time.

Anyway, getting to Tokyo Disneyland was pretty straightforward and easy to navigate from Tokyo Station, since it is a major attraction for both locals and tourists alike.

Right in the midst of winter, cladded in full winter wear which includes scarf and a super fluffy Disney earmuff bought from one of those Disney retail shops. I don’t recall Disneyland being so jam packed with crowd almost 15 years back at all!

Making use of the fast pass system is one way to save time and skip long queues based on allocated time slots. Sadly, these fast passes for popular rides were totally wiped out for the first half of the day, leaving my friend and I to queue for our rides the normal way. Imagine queuing almost 2 hours for a single ride while freezing as the icy wind send chills continuously. I admit I still do love and was excited for some of those popular rides such as the Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain & Monsters, Inc. Ride and Go Seek.

Despite the steep price of the fancy themed food sets available across Disneyland, we still had to order since the intention to spend the entire day there. In the past, I could not even bare to buy a drink from any of the kiosk. Check out the cute, visually attractive food from my photos!

Parades to me has always been the same – the time to whip out my camera and snap all the way, be it videos or photos. Yes, these large mobiles are really attention grabbing and fancifully dressed to theme. I see others waving excitedly to the mascots and performers while I stood there just trigger-happy.

Once again sad to say that I could no longer recall any tinkle of excitement at all the first time, almost 15 years back when I visited Tokyo Disneyland. Right now, at least I could say I got to record much more worthy memories of Tokyo Disneyland into this post to remind myself of.

Anyway, Tokyo sure does have many exciting places to explore! Recently came across a digital art museum in Odaiba which I had missed, offering surreal experience via state-of-art exhibits. I wonder how much difference would I have felt visiting this place 15 years back and now?

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