PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering with Collection Club Lounge Access

Collection Club Lounge, featuring the additional access to for the second round of staycation at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering, Lifestyle Room.

It was the exact same room as my staycation round 1 about 2 weeks before, only this time on the 12 floor. As this time was to celebrate my birthday (mid Jan), the staffs had prepared a little surprise in the room!

A row of colorful balloons lined up across with the word “Happy Birthday” spread on the bed. A bottle of wine, macaroons as well as a slice of cake had been prepared for me. It was so sweet of them to leave a well wishes note as well.

I was pretty excited since this time round, we get to access the Collection Club Lounge on the 15th floor for high tea, dinner as well as breakfast.

Our first visit up to the Collection Club Lounge was to enjoy a session of afternoon tea. There were many segments separating the lounge into multiple conducive dining spaces, allowing more privacy. The wood element was prominent and I just love wooden furnishings.

After selecting our choice of coffee and juice (for me), we took some pictures of the beautiful view. A scannable QR code is available for those who would love to check out the menu of the afternoon tea, served on a 3 tier stand.

How could we miss another round of chilling by the pool since we had already booked our preferred slot? The water definitely was rather cold that day for a swim. All we did was to take a couple more shots for Instagram!

Besides afternoon tea, we had dinner and the following day’s breakfast at Collection Club Lounge.

Second visit to the Club Lounge was close to 6pm for dinner and luckily we were slightly early. There were in fact limited seats available due to the the safe distancing measures imposed. Each pair were first served 3 plates of the following and we could request for more.

Beer, wine, cocktail and mocktail were available and it took almost 45 minutes for our mocktails to arrive. There was only 1 bar staff resulting in slow service and other guests were getting impatient but we all were quite understanding to the service staffs plight. As the sun set and without its natural light, the Club Lounge was dim. Definitely a romantic/chillax environment for drinks and chit chat.

Third visit was the following day for breakfast after a great night of rest. Breakfast set menu was exactly the same as my previous stay. The only difference was that I enjoyed breakfast with a view this time around.

After breakfast, a little walk outside the lounge offers a beautiful view of the cityscape. It was quite windy, great for OOTD shots to fake a vacation out of Singapore. After checking out, we decided to grab 2 slices of cakes from Lime Restaurant before heading home!

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