International Acclaimed Pianist Haiou Zhang First Solo Recital

Haiou Zhang first solo recital since the pandemic

Singapore 14 May, 8 pm – The Singapore Conference Hall was full of commotion as excited audiences streamed in for Haiou Zhang solo recital. It is dedicated to the Singapore community that has braved the pandemic, presented by Bechstein Music World. Its specially designed programs aim to cleanse the souls and bring about life sublimation after immersing in the recital.

I was one of the fortunate audience that night as I seated myself down waiting for the recital to commence. I spotted many young kids, accompanied by their parents in the theatre. No matter young or old, anyone could enjoy a recital. Including someone without a music background like myself.

A huge round of applause resonates through the theatre as Pianist Haiou Zhang walked toward the piano after a bow. The 38-year-old pianist Haiou Zhang has already performed tens of thousands of recitals internationally. With worldwide accolades and qualifications under his belt, he is one of the great pillars of his generation in contributing to the vitality of piano classical music scenes.

Piano Sonata of L.V. Beethoven (1770 – 1827)

That night, Haiou Zhang presented the two most compelling compositions Piano Sonata by the legendary German composer L.V. Beethoven (1770 – 1827). The other performance was Bachs two transcriptions of the most beautiful melodies, as part of his World Concert Tour.

The classical music performance showcased the mystery of his talent. It is a combination of three elements – authenticity, emotions, and elegance. Audiences including myself were completely awestruck as we watched his fingers fly over the keys.

The crowd thoroughly enjoyed the performance, giving a final round of astounding applause as the performance ended. The performance is played on C.Bechstein concert grand piano D 282, a piano that flew in from Berlin for his World’s Concert Tour.

Thank you Bechstein Music World for the opportunity to witness such an internationally acclaimed performance. I even got a signed copy of Haiou Zhang’s poster and his classical music CD.

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