Imperial Citadel of Thang Long in Hanoi, Vietnam

The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long is one of the most ancient historical sites in Vietnam.

Head over to the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long since it is mere walking distance away from the Temple of Literature. The Imperial Citadel is listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage Site in 2010, making it another to-go destination when in Hanoi.

Even before stepping into its compound, the first thing we spotted was the Hanoi Flag Tower. It is a 33.4 meters tall monument that was built in 1812, under the Nguyen Dynasty.

After paying the entrance fee of 30,000 dong each, our journey of exploration begins. There are many highlights of this place and Doan Mon (South Gate) is right in sight from the entrance. What makes it more beautiful were a huge patch of potted sunflowers right in front of the relic. We spend a little too much time taking photos and the rest of the journey was quite rush. The top of Doan Mon (South Gate) is also accessible to the public, led by a flight of steps. Enjoy the scenic view as you gaze across the landscape.

A place of important relics and architecture

Further down and right in front of the alter would be the Kinh Thien palace and its Dragon Steps. You would be excited to see a large-scale archaeological excavation which was conducted at 18 Hoang Dieu Street too.

As you continued walking along, catch sight of the Hau Lau Relic, known as the Princess Palace. This was the residence of the queens and princesses, built after the Later Le dynasty.

There are also few other galleries along the way, as well as command post bunkers used as headquarters. Finally at the far end lies the Bac Mon (North Gate) built by the Nguyen Dynasty in 1805.

Many of these relics that have been restored to preserve history, were severely damaged throughout the years. Overall, it was an interesting experience walking through the entire historical compound!

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