Idyllic Concept Resort at Koh Lipe Review

Idyllic Concept Resort is a Beachfront Boutique Resort

Koh Lipe is a beautiful tiny island, located off the Satun province in Thailand. We arrived at the island after a 2-hour long ferry ride from Langkawi. I will probably share more about the trouble and long waiting time in my next post.

Passing through Koh Lipe’s custom upon arrival on Pattaya Beach was slow and it took about 2 hours. It was definitely a long wait as people started to get restless. It was already past 6pm after clearing the customs. We hurriedly rode a trishaw-like complimentary transport to our resort to check in.

Idyllic Concept Resort is located on the southern part of the Koh Lipe Island where it was amidst vegetation. I almost felt like I was entering a forest retreat with my fear of mosquito bites kicking in. After enjoying the welcome drink, we walked past clusters of other rooms as the resort has an interesting layout. Our resort room is located on a second floor, and we quickly entered, hoping no bugs would follow us in.

For those who love a blend of minimalist and wood design like me, the room hits the spot. The place was neat and tidy, and I felt comfortable the moment I stepped in. There was even a balcony and lounging area against a full height glass window to relax. Probably the only complain I have would be the intermittent WIFI connection.

Idyllic Concept Resort Facilities

One of the main reason Idyllic Concept Resort caught my attention would be its location along Sunrise beach. We were fortunate that we were given the room seconds walk away from the beach itself. Since the weather was perfect on the following morning, we grabbed the opportunity to take plenty of photos. No crowd was in sight, and I had enjoyed taking photos without obstruction too.

Next, we walked over to The Cove Bistro for our complimentary breakfast buffet. The food selection was decent with a mix of Thai-Western fare. I had a light breakfast of mainly eggs, puff pastries and juice, and even 2 scoops of coconut ice cream to end my meal with. The best part of the breakfast would probably be the awesome view facing the beach!

Anyway, our timings at Koh Lipe definitely weren’t right enough for the main activities. These activities could include crystal kayaking, fishing day trip, snorkeling trip (inner/outer zone) and more. Our resort does offer these packages, or you could check them out along the Walking Street too. In conclusion, staying over on a small island was really a thrilling and exciting experience!

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