G Nimman Hotel Review in Chiang Mai, Thailand

G Nimman Hotel is probably one of most unique hotels.

I have been eager to blog and share about my experience lodging at G Nimman Hotel. Being a follow-the-sequence kind of person, I shared about the top temples to visit in Chiang Rai first.

G Nimman Hotel caught my attention as I was searching through the list of hotels to book. It has zen-like contemporary design and snowy white walls which reminds me of a futuristic spaceship.

Upon arrival, we immediately check in and the staff politely led us to our room on the ground floor. I wasn’t expecting the room to be spacious, elongated to be exact. Not only that, but the toilet was also spacious, and the toilet bowl has ass-washing function like those in Japan. The beds were on wooden platforms, and our feet would be facing each other.

Complimentary Services

We were informed that everything in the mini fridge is complimentary and would be refilled daily. There were 2 cans of beer, a can of coke, 2 bottles of water, a bottle of tea and 2 packets of titbits.

There is complimentary breakfast daily from 6am – 10am on level 2. Complimentary wine and snacks are available from 5pm – 7pm daily as well. You could help yourselves from their self-service coffee and tea from 11am – 10pm.

The timing was just nice after we settled down with our luggage, and we immediately headed to the social space. We chilled a little, drank some wine, pairing them with chips and dried fruits.

On the third/last day morning, we finally have some spare time after breakfast. I have already seen people taking photos at the swimming pool and I badly wanted photos too. I took a dip, sat on the pool lounger and stood by the pillars for photos. There was a section of the pool where it offers seated jacuzzi, and the power of it provide excellent massage.

After spending 3 days 2 nights at the hotel, it was time to check out and I was reluctant. The hotel was dreamlike with fast WIFI, and I had nothing to complain about. I would probably be back again in future. Check out my other hotel reviews as well!