Dalat Clay Tunnel Review

Dalat Clay Tunnel is one of the most popular attraction in Dalat, Vietnam. The main highlight of the place is, of course, the various clay sculptures themselves. These artworks range in size from human-size to larger-than-life installations, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans.

We went over to Dalat Clay Tunnel after our visit to Datanla New Alpine Coaster and Datanla Waterfalls. Both locations are considered along the way, situated amidst the picturesque landscapes of Dalat.

Upon reaching our destination, there were already a few coaches lined up against the sidewalk. We each paid an entrance fee of 60 000 VND each (adult) and headed in. The attraction features a series of tunnels and chambers adorned with elaborate clay sculptures.

Clay Sculptures of Dalat Clay Tunnel

Speaking of impression, the very first sculpture we saw as we stepped in was a beautiful clay dragon. Along the tunnels and at every corner, there were various clay sculptures. Each of them depicting folklore creatures, historical events, traditional festivals and culture. Evidently, most of the tourists including myself would explore these tunnels and glance through these clay artworks. It was the scotching heat that prevents us from marveling at the craftsmanship of these sculptures.

Throughout the tunnels, there are numerous photo opportunities where visitors can pose alongside these clay sculptures. There were plenty of inspiration on where and how you would like to pose too. Finally, towards the end of the journey would be the main highlight of clay tunnels. It was the sculpture where there were 2 heads facing each other, amidst the shallow “pond”. It took me quite some time to get the right angle, and there is definitely a queue forming for this spot. For those who would like could also purchase the photo taken by the staff, using their built-in camera.

In conclusion, if you are visiting Dalat and looking for a unique and memorable experience, consider adding the Dalat Clay Tunnel to your itinerary. The place is definitely well worth exploring!

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