Crazy House Dalat Review

Crazy House Dalat in Vietnam is one of the most popular attraction in the city.

As I stepped into the whimsical world of the Crazy House Dalat, I found myself transported into a surreal realm. The very first thought that came in my mind was “WOW”! This premises is where imagination has no boundaries.

Crazy House is designed by architect Đặng Việt Nga, and was intended to be a harmonious blend of architecture and nature. It is surpassingly a tribute to the beauty and complexity of the natural world.

Basically, I engulfed myself in a fantastical landscape of twisting staircases, winding hallways, and peculiar architectural wonders. Also, the place resembled something out of a fairy tale, or perhaps reminded me of Salvador Dali. I am a huge fun of Salvador Dali, who is a Spanish surrealist painter and printmaker known for exploring subconscious imagery. 

Highlights of Crazy House Vietnam

I began to enter the labyrinthine structure, straight away heading up a flight of unusual log-shaped steps. Evidently, heading upwards was really thrilling as the steps were narrow. weaving all around. Indeed every corner seems to reveal a new surprise. There were bridges connecting two towers high above the ground, a giant tree trunk shaped room and staircase resembling a winding vine.

Besides the whimsical structure, another thing that us struck was the cacophony of colors, textures, and shapes. Each building or area seemed to tell its own story, with no two spaces alike. One of the most popular spot would be the underwater theme building. Beautiful crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling, and monstrous looking sea creature structures. The beautiful painted floors and walls contributed to the chilling yet artistic ambience.

Finally, we managed to navigate through the Crazy House and to the themed rooms. I almost wanted to book a night to stay over as the place is a hotel too. Fortunately, I did not after reading up countless worrying reviews. There were obviously no aircons, no proper security and tons of visitors exploring throughout the day.

In conclusion, despite its eccentricity, the Crazy House is one of the most fun places I have visited so far. It is a challenge trying to take decent photos due to large crowd roaming about. Almost every corner could also be an photo opportunity for me!