Latest Bio Sculpture Treatment at Shou Slimming

Shou Slimming
Another virgin experience ticked off my list as I had undergone a session of the latest Bio Sculpture Treatment at Shou Slimming. Shou Slimming have 3 outlets in Singapore and the one I went was located at Velocity, Novena Square. The post will probably be a detailed process of my personal experience since I have been wanting to get rid of those annoying fats located around my lower abdomen. I want to correct others perception that being skinny does not necessary mean no ”spare tyre”. Having one made it even more shameful for me to even admit.
Bio Sculpture Treatment at Shou Slimming
The Bio Sculpture Treatment started off with me stripping and changing into a disposable underwear provided and lying with my belly exposed to the slightly warm red light hue. As explained by my therapist, the treatment involved the use of FIR (Far Infrared Ray) technology to target localised fatty deposits as well as to stimulate the body’s natural cellular stimulation while aiding in detoxification.
There were a total of 3 different types of Nano serums used in this Bio Sculpture Treatment. The therapist did explained to me each serum’s purpose in mandarin before using each of them. As shown, the first 2 serums were used under the red hue, followed by a 10-15 mins long belly massage/torture. I have attached a video that I have recorded for reference below. It was rather painful as my belly was constantly being pressed downwards (from middle and sides) for optimum results I supposed.
The third serum used to spread across my belly was cold and gel-like. One of them could possibly be the Bio Clay which has the function to seal in the effects of speeding up overall fat-burning, skin tightening as well as to encourage overall hormonal balance.
Bio Sculpture Treatment at Shou Slimming
Bio Sculpture Treatment at Shou Slimming
Bio Sculpture Treatment at Shou Slimming
Shortly after the 3 serums, the treatment proceeded on with a cold bandage reeking strongly of herbal extracts. My therapist did warn me in regards to the smelly smell beforehand, but I somehow loved the 草药 (herbal medicine) smell instead!
After the mummification process of my belly was completed, a device of metallic studs was belted across the herbal bandage. These vibratory stud were explained to target important vital points for effective slimming results. A ‘pain-test’ (intensity level) was performed to ensure that I wasn’t in too much of a discomfort since it could be painful to some. My advice would be to withstand the discomfort and go with the normal settings suggested by your therapist for optimum results. The timed session lasted for about 45 mins as the device would vibrate aggressively on specific areas from time to time.
I tried taking a nap to pass time but unlike facial, I could not. The last ‘Beep’ sounded and my treatment has ended. From the pictures, my belly area was slightly red after the treatment and it took some time to subside. The entire treatment duration was about 1 hr 15 mins.
For the following 2 days, my belly was aching just like after doing 1000 situps the previous day. (Not that I could do that amount since I could barely hit 40.) Thankfully the pain subsided on the third day and my normally tight pants actually had a bit of leeway! Hopefully I do not fill this space up too quickly within the next few days.
Bio Sculpture Treatment at Shou Slimming
Bio Sculpture Treatment at Shou Slimming
Bio Sculpture Treatment at Shou Slimming
Bio Sculpture Treatment at Shou Slimming
In celebration of the launch of Shou Slimming Bio Sculpture Treatment, a first time trial session would cost $89. It is available at all Shou Slimming outlets.
Shou Slimming also does a body analysis for every treatment to access individuals needs.
Find out more information from their web page here.
Thank you Brand Cellar and Shou Slimming for the invite.

Fennel Hot Spring Resort 茴香戀戀溫泉會館 from Kaoh Siung 高雄

Fennel Hot Spring Resort 茴香戀戀溫泉會館
It has been almost a month since I came back from my trip from Taiwan, Kaoh Siung 高雄. I spent about a week in Kaoh Siung 高雄, mainly sight seeing in the urban cityscape and night market hopping as the friend I went with was a maniac in architectural and food photography. As for me? I definitely needed to visit places of relaxation or inspiration since I enjoy blogging about such stuff.
You probably won’t find a week’s worth of Kaoh Siung 高雄 itinerary since I only intend to share about Fennel Hot Spring Resort 茴香戀戀溫泉會館, Pier-2 Art Center and Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts. Of course I had spammed enough pictures on my instagram as well as my migme account by now. 
Fennel Hot Spring Resort 茴香戀戀溫泉會館
Fennel Hot Spring Resort 茴香戀戀溫泉會館
The journey from Kaoh Siung 高雄 was long as it took about 2 hours (without traffic jam) by bus to reach 車城站. From 車城站, it was another 10 mins car ride or 45 mins walking distance to reach Fennel Hot Spring Resort 茴香戀戀溫泉會館.    
”Sichong river Hot Spring Area is located at Checheng Township in Pingtung County. The water here is Sodium Bicarbonate spring, excellent quality mineral water. The Sihjhongsi Hot Spring is considered one of the four major hot-spring areas among Taiwan, along with Yangmingshan, Beitou, and Guanziling.”
There were 2 spring options to pick from:
1) The semi outdoor naked spa 半露天景觀裸湯 which was more private and does not require you to wear swim suit and swimming cap. It comprises of Cold Spring Pool, Hot Spring Pool and Medium Hot Pool, costing NT$200 per person.
2) Health Spa Love Sea Water Therapy Spa 愛情海水療SPA which required me to purchase a swim suit and swimming cap since I did not bring mine. It comprises of  Hot Spring Spa, Spa For Children, Floral Hot Spring, Herb Hot Spring, Garra Rufa Obtuse, Cold Spring Pool, Hot Spring Pool, Medium Hot Pool and Steam Room. It cost NT$300 per person.

Garra Rufa Obtuse 溫泉親親魚池 is basically a tiny fish pond where you dip your feet in and these little fishes would start nibbling the dead skin off your feet. I even ”stole” other people’s fishes once my feet landed in LOL. 

Lockers available at a cost of NT$10 to place your belongings and their toilets have soap and shampoo as well. Many random photos below.
Fennel Hot Spring Resort 茴香戀戀溫泉會館
Fennel Hot Spring Resort 茴香戀戀溫泉會館
Fennel Hot Spring Resort 茴香戀戀溫泉會館


Fennel Hot Spring Resort 茴香戀戀溫泉會館
Fennel Hot Spring Resort 茴香戀戀溫泉會館
Garra Rufa Obtuse 溫泉親親魚池


Fennel Hot Spring Resort 茴香戀戀溫泉會館
Overall it was a relaxing experience since the day before, I spent half the entire day cycling to the end (cargo area) of Cijin. The distance sure was crazy….definitely CRAZY in a foreign land. Not forgetting walking over 30km each day…
There were many cute little kids playing around, more like a family orientated Hot Spring Resort and the place was not exactly well maintained since there were faulty activation buttons. I should not be complaining since I paid only NT$300 for unlimited time and I probably spend about 3-4 hours in there. Hmmm maybe more hotspring and spa posts in future?
You may want to check out their web page for more information here:

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Yunomori Onsen & Spa Singapore – First Ever Yuzu Bath

Yunomori Onsen & Spa Singapore
Being the first Japanese Onsen with the largest variety of pools in Singapore, Yunomori Singapore has positioned itself in being authentic and a hub for relaxation as well as rejuvenation. Besides the onsen which was probably the highlight, Yunomori also consists of Thai style treatments as well as massage.
Stepping into Yunomori Singapore almost felt if I could just surrender myself to enlightenment and I admit that I am definitely a huge fan of zen space and elements as well as woody and earthy-toned furnishing. Just check out and admire the tessellation wall while placing your shoes into the lockers perpendicular to them.
Yunomori Onsen & Spa Singapore
With the launch of Singapore’s first ever Yuzu Bath which I would be sharing, Yunomori cafe has also doled out a series of yuzu theme dishes!
Starting off with the irresistibly refreshing Yuzu Soda ($5+) which I couldn’t help constantly sipping and enjoying the combination of the citrusy minty soda.

Probably my favourite that day was the Yuzu Udon ($9.80+) which was served chilled. Try not to judge the presentation since the overall plating might looked rather ‘pale’. (Soft boiled egg, tender chicken slices and a slice of Japanese fishcake ; alfalfa sprouts and yuzu peels for garnishing) The yuzu infused dipping sauce definitely added a twist to the usual savoury-salty ones, with a hint of bitter aftertaste which I found kind of pleasant after a while.

Yuzu Soda
Yuzu Soda ($5+)
Yuzu Udon
Yuzu Udon ($9.80+)
Do take some time to look around, enjoy the coziness of the cafe surroundings. Some customers were already changed into Yukatas before starting their meal and I could imagine the feel would definitely be much different.
The Japanese Assorted Plate ($17.80+) consist of teriyaki chicken, saba (grilled mackerel), oden ingredients, tofu, miso soup, salad, rice as well as the peach shaped red bean paste mochi. Sounds like a whole mixture of everything in one plate right? Great for sharing!
For deep fried chicken and Japanese curry lovers, you would not want to give Chicken Curry Kaarage ($13.80+) a miss. It comes with miso soup and salad as well.
Last but not least, a scoop of Yuzu Sorbet that was pleasantly fragrant, refreshing and pleasing to my taste buds. I could have begged for more.
Japanese Assorted Plate
Japanese Assorted Plate ($17.80+)
Chicken Curry Kaarage
Chicken Curry Kaarage ($13.80+)
Yunomori Onsen & Spa Singapore
The Onsan is split into male and female (sorry, no couple onsen..) since being naked is required before entering the onsen premise. Baskets of neatly folded Yukatas laid before me as I had a difficult choice of selection since I kind of love a couple of these designs. Wondered how I ended up with the bird prints.
It definitely was great to have another blogger friend with me since probably the best moment to capture photos would be in Yukata, either before or after enjoying the onsen.
Yunomori Onsen & Spa Singapore
Yunomori Onsen & Spa Singapore
Yunomori Onsen & Spa Singapore
Armed with only a small towel while the yukata, a bigger bath towel and the rest of my belongings were placed into our individual locker. The black band that I wore around my wrist was the key to unlock my numbered locker door.
My friend and I had a quick shower (as required) before heading over to the onsen to soak. I admit that I am the type who could not be bothered to even shield my private part while in the onsen area while most people would instinctively do so. All guys isn’t it?
I kept wondering how females behave in the onsen. I doubt they would reveal.
There were a total of 7 categories of bath/spa in which you could enjoy.
Clockwise order from entrance, they were:
 Bubble Bath, Jet Bath, Soda Bath, Yuzu Bath, Hot Bath, Cold Bath, Steam Room and Suana.
From what I personally experienced, the Yuzu Bath was my favourite as I repetitively went back into it to enjoy the fragrance of the Yuzu. Soaking in yuzu bath is practised by the Japanese during winter season where it was believed to help ward off winter colds and common flu. Not only that, the my skin felt smoother and more moisturised! The yuzus were in sachet bags and could be seen floating on the surface of the bath. Not to forget, they were specially imported from Japan!
At that time which was about 10pm, many other guys also repetitively went back to the Yuzu Bath since it would only be available for a limited time till 31 December 2016.
Image credit:
Image credit:
Image credit:
Check out the EXTENDED 1 FOR 1 ONSEN PROMO due to popular demand!
T&C Apply
Thank you Brandcellar and Yunomori Singapore for the invite.
Yunomori Onsen & Spa Singapore
1 Stadium Place #02-17/18 Kallang Wave Mall Singpaore 397628
Tel : 6386 4126 / 6385 7985
Email: [email protected]
Opening Hours : 10.00 am. – 11.00 pm. Daily
Yunomori Onsen & Spa Singapore is located at Kallang Wave Mall, the retail section of Singapore Sports Hub.
Do check out their webpage for more information.

A visit to Shiro Aesthetic Clinic

It was my privilege to visit Shiro Aesthetic Clinic which was founded by Dr Zhang Yijun that opened its doors in September this year. As the name suggests, ‘Shiro’ means white in Japanese and is coherent with the clinic’s interior. The clinic is also conveniently located at Mandarin Gallery, in the hearts of Orchard Road.
Dr Zhang had attained a medical degree at the National University of Singapore and his postgraduate Diploma in Pratical Dermatology at Cardiff University. He was sharing his knowledge of some theories as well as medical treatments such as Venus Viva and Airjet when I arrived. With killer good looks and smile, the ladies were all naturally paying close attention while Dr Zhang spoke.


Shiro Aesthetic Clinic
I have personally gone through Venus Viva Treatment once, with almost a week of downtime and the results was rather pleasing to me. Full details can be found here
Just to shed some light with theory regarding Air Jet which I myself have not experienced before. It is basically a technology from Korea that assist with skin lifting. It is a needle- free treatment, painless and most effective for a variety of beauty problems such as acne scars, wrinkles and saggy skin which we all commonly hate. Depending on individual, serum would be introduced into the skin iteself through air.





I used the multi-action cream which acts as a form of a moisturising agent. It was creamy white and spreads easily onto my skin, leaving it moist without any stickiness. It was mentioned by Dr Zhang that the cream would not be suitble for young skin, which would be probably be alright for me.  
I tried using the Stem Cell Sheet mask as well and the mask sheet was somwhow misfitting to my face structure. I have used 2 masks, and they had the faint medical smell and slightly slimy on touch. Not too bad as a supplement for my skin! 
Shiro Aesthetic Clinic

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Venus Viva Nano Fractional Treatment at Chrysalis Aesthetics Clinic

Chrysalis Medical Aesthetics
It is rather obvious that my face was a aftermath of an acne outbreak during my puberty stage and it remained a warzone throughout my polytechnic days. Just imagine how a ruptured minefield would be like.
Unlike girls/ladies who could cake their face with powder and makeup without getting judged, male victims like me could only let-it-be or occasionally apply a teeny weeny amount of BB cream. I guess with Venus Viva Nano Fractional Treatment available, we guys need not worry about not able to revive back our youthful skin we once had.   
Chrysalis Medical Aesthetics
Chrysalis Medical Aesthetics
After a cup of warm tea and a consultation with Dr Ho who explained to me about Venus Viva Nano Fractional Treatment which I was obviously oblivious to. It is a safe and non-invasive treatment in which Radio Frequency (RF) technology is used to generate heat to initiate skin change, rebuilding collagen and fibroblast stimulation.
3 to 4 treatments are required for best results.
Below are some things Venus Viva Nano Fractional Treatment could achieve:
-Decrease visible pores for even skin textures
-Reduce signs of aging for a fresher, more youthful look
-Even out textural irregularities for refined looking skin
-Reduce acne scars for a clearer and healthier complexion
-Diminish deep lines and folds for younger looking skin
-Correct necklace lines to lessen the signs of aging
-Diminish and tighten lax skin for a more firm decollete
Since I have nothing to hide about unglamness and clear and unfiltered pictures are needed in order to justify that Venus Viva Nano Fractional Treatment really could lighten my acne scars. The whole process of my treatment is also documented step by step, picture by picture. I was hoping my experience might be useful for those who intend to undergo this treatment.
Chrysalis Medical Aesthetics
A basic cleanse is done before the treatment to remove any form of makeup.
The intensity of Venus Viva Nano Fractional Treatment is by percentage (%) and mine was 80%. Dr Ho explained that any higher than that might leave pigmentation on our skin. My pain threshold level is high since I often do facial treatments that involves painful extractions. I even requested not applying numbing cream throughout the whole process which lasted about half an hour. The most painful and tear-triggering part would probably be the area below my eyes and along my jawline closest to the ears. 
Venus Viva Nano Fractional Treatment


Venus Viva Nano Fractional Treatment
Venus Viva Nano Fractional Treatment







As you can see from the pictures, after Dr Ho has adjusted the percentage based on my skin condition (which is quite severe), he started working the machine on my face. Minor scarring requires one round while the deeper one required at least 2 to 3 rounds.
After the treatment has ended, I could instantly feel my skin tightened, restricting my facial expressions temporarily. That explains my stony look below with Dr Ho.  
Chrysalis Medical Aesthetics
Here is a photo with the team at Chrysalis Medical Aesthetics. Thankfully I looked like I had a pretty bad sunburn after the treatment and not anything worst or I would have to cancel my museum visit with my friend that day.
After treatment analysis:
Day 0 (on that day itself) – I rinsed my face with water only, not even daring to use any form of facial
                                           products. Face was quite sensitive and slightly reddish like having mild
                                           sunburn. That night I used a hydration mask.
Day 1 –  Dr Ho advice to put sunblock and tons of moisturiser. I stayed at home the entire day to let
              my skin rest.
Day 2 –  I was contemplating to even step out of my house to go to work. My face was redder than
              the previous 2 days. The sections where my face had undergone treatment was pretty
              obvious due to the redness. I started using facial foam, only lightly tapping on face. 
              Accidentally applied Vitamin C which was not supposed to that morning. (No acidic 
              substance to be applied.) Towards the evening, the area beside my eyebrow had a few lumps
              of swelling cysts. They went away after 2 days. At this point, need to bath with cool water
             and any attempt to squeeze white heads would cause bleeding. 
Day 3 – Skin still reddish and could feel a ‘crust’ forming on certain parts on my face. The crust wasn’t
             formed on areas that undergone 2 – 3 layers of treatment.
Day 4 – The textured dots was rather obvious on my face now and the 2 – 3 layers has started to form
             crusts as well.
Day 5 – Redness was gone. Skin start to dry up and started shedding like sand. (Below picture)
Day 6 – More shedding occurs on various areas. Started using scrub and gently rub against my face to
             remove dead skin.
Day 7 and 8 – Face remained slightly pink
Day 9 – Back to normal with visible improvement on skin.
Chrysalis Medical Aesthetics
I went back for a review almost 2 weeks after the treatment. My scars definitely have lightened slightly after a single session of Venus Viva Nano Fractional Treatment. Slight improvement might not seems much but for someone with bad acne scars, even a slightest improvement would mean a great deal to him/her. 
(Note that at least 3-4 sessions are minimally needed.)
My friend Shermaine also went for the similar treatment. Feel free to check out her post here
Thank you Janjee from Brand Cellar for the invite and Dr Ho, director of Chrysalis Medical Aesthetics for the treatment!

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Kris By Mence – Celebrity spokesperson is The Flying Dutchman!

I made my way up Robinson Point feeling slightly anxious as it was my first time attending a beauty related event. I was expecting to see other male bloggers around since Kris By Mence is a pioneer in men’s skincare as well as body toning. I was wrong since the rest of the bloggers were females and treatments are also available for them too.
We got the privilege to tour around the clinic. I was quite impressed by the treatment rooms being so spacious, with the couple room large enough to be able to hold a 20 pax birthday party at least. A large TV screen as well as a glass walled shower cubicle spotted! I went to ask why was there only a shower cubicle for the couples. Do they share? Turned out that many people had asked the similar question before!
I get to take a picture with Kris By Mence’s first celebrity spokesperson whom was the veteran radio DJ The Flying Dutchman.
He has a heart condition that prevented him performing intensive exercises, occasionally involved in a few business ventures and being a co host of One FM’s #1 Breakfast Show on 91.3FM. It is nearly impossible for him to exercise the traditional way.
As a celebrity status, the more he would be conscious about going to the gym looking unglam, trying to workout with his big belly, feeling that all eyes were directed to him.
With help of Kris By Mence’s customised management programme, he managed to regain his figure he used to have in his forties. His energy level is up, finally able to have an unobstructed view of his feet since his belly is gone.
Some weight lost facts he shared:
-Losing a total of 8kg; 5.3kg of fats
-Reducing visceral fat by 20%
-Dropping 2 pant sizes
-Surpassed his ideal weight of 79kg, a goal he has always wanted to achieve since 2013
-Jawline as well as neck tightened
He even joked that to lose weight, all he did was to SLEEP! (Yeah, during his treatments.)
Just some machines that would be used for the different treatments available.
Before any treatment, you need to go through a detailed body analysis that determined your overall body composition. Here’s how the fat analysing machine’s screen looks like. The data was mine I was in the acceptable range! Phew!
Anyway, check out their webpage for more information or call them for assistance.