Going Cashless with DBS Paylah at Food Centres

I’ll be sharing with you about my experience on going Cashless with DBS Paylah at ABC Brickworks Market. 

I made my way to ABC Brickworks Market and Food Centre while the heavy downpour added on to my depressing travel journey due to its location. My goal that night was to go cashless, meaning that I would only be using paylah from my mobile application to pay for my dinner.
The food centre was more like a ghost centre as more than half has already shut its shutters for the night. This place obviously caters to the lunch office crowd around the district. I wandered around trying to catch hold of the QR code stickers seen pasted on walls of hawker stalls. 
Despite the fact that some stalls had their QR code stickers on their walls which allows payment made via paylah, I still got quite a couple of rejections. I finally got a glimmer of hope as I made my way to one last stall, persuading the aunty that I wanted to make my payment through paylah. 
Like typical older generation folks, she was really skeptical about accepting cashless payment as I whipped out my mobile instead of cash. I had a bit of resistance from her as she kept questioning me, afraid that I would run away without paying. Throughout the payment process, I showed her the screen of my mobile, making sure that I had keyed in the correct amount to be paid and letting her see the green tick symbol before she finally stopped grumbling.
Cashless payment through paylah definitely was a hassle free solution, provided that these hawkers are willing to accept the new change in their lives towards digitalization. DBS is constantly working on it right now!




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Rounding Up my 2017 with a Touch of Photoshop

2017 has been a playful year for me as I started to explore the artistic side of myself, trying to manipulate images with my mediocre photoshop skills which would perhaps be seen as a joke to those experts out there.
I probably found my source of inspiration and editing style leaning towards gamification and escapism. The Japanese anime “One Piece” would be my escapism while unrealistic landscapes and predicaments were influenced by the gamification concept. Somehow my overly wild escapism concept, together my editing got a little off the grid for some to tolerate, as seen in 2 to 3 of the following images below. Still images got a bit lifeless and I played around with gifs during the last few months in order to input some life/motions into them. If only I could handle motion graphics/animations and have more than 24 hours a day, I would definitely create more digital artworks for fun. Each edit took me an hour or more to complete.  
Anyway I finally completed my part time studies of 2 years duration, in order to attain a degree while working. Loving the sense of freedom and the thought of not having to flip through notes while camping at Starbucks any longer. I even attended a hobbyist short course in jewellery fabrication as well, that lasted about 3-4 months and I have yet to blog about.
I am thankful to my blogger friend Kenny who brought me along as his +1 for countless fun events such as food tastings and some lifestyle ones this year. All my boat images below were shot by him too and I used them to play with my edits! I attended quite a couple of DBS events as well such as DBS FasTrack, Singapore Coffee Festival 2017, Pangdemonium’s Fundraiser Concert – THE JAM and more. I had a chance to watch a magical theatrical performance – The Nutcracker, which I enjoyed so much. Not forgetting the crafts related skills which I picked up such as Finger Knitting, Arm Knitting, and Cross Stitch, which I would probably forget as time goes by.
Spending my Christmas volunteering and performing a small role as a delivery boy / thief in a church related performance was indeed thrilling, fun and satisfying. The play was about imparting good values to the audience and thankfully I need not speak much since the play was in mandarin.
I did not travel overseas this year but had a staycay with mum at Sentosa. I spent my New Year’s Eve with the same group of bffs as during pre-Christmas. Although they were always annoyingly late for meet-ups, we had fun and took plenty of wefies with filters. Thank you to my different group of friends whom I still continued to hang out with, be it a meal or catching up throughout 2017.
Bye bye 2017 and hopefully 2018 would be more fulfilling and inspirational!
“Thousand Sunny” from One Piece anime spotted
World in Flames
Static Storm
(no edits, mundane right?)
(no edits, mundane right?)
First Gif created of candle illumination.
Pokemon Suicune
Mystical skies
Dystopia Escape
Rune Stones and Blood Moon
Inspired by Hidan of Akatsuki in Naruto’s episodes
The “plotagraph” of the swirling aurora animation could be found on my instagram feed.
Newby Advert Calendar
Beer running wild at Turf City

DBS PayLah! Palooza – Singapore’s first QR code payment-led bazaar

Speaking of digitisation where technology plays a part in contributing to the convenience factor in our daily life, DBS has done it again! Ever since the launch of DBS FasTrack, an app to reduce the long waiting lines of participating brands, DBS will be collaborating with the organisers of Artbox once again for the first ever QR Code flea market! The event is jointly organised with SCAPE in support of Singapore’s Smart Nation drive.
You read it right, you go cashless since you can basically scan and pay for everything at the event via QR code with DBS PayLah! Just make sure you have PayLah! downloaded into your mobile device before you head down.
Here are some of the outlets you might expect at DBS PayLah! Palooza:
Fay Terrarium

I could not take my eyes off these cute little terrariums by Fay Terrarium! From simple and minimalist designs that is suitable for office environment to cute or romantic ones that could be used as a home decoration. They do workshops as well!!


From a series of customisable crayons such such this spaceship form Starwars to artistic hand-painted coasters to 100% cotton t-shirt hand dyed using the Shibori technique, also known as the tie and dye technique. 93ArtMarket’s products definitely do attract eyeballs.


Pine43 is an ongoing collective project across New York and Singapore to inspire artful living. Despite the limited range of products, Pine43’s bags are minimalist yet classy, mainly in monochrome-nude colours. I definitely would never ever place my groceries into any of these bags.


Doodles or graphical art? These creations are usually in limited quantity since no 2 drawings could exactly be the same! From notebooks to posters to cards, the designs ranges from cute to abstract to graffiti-looking.


As its name suggest, Minimalyst’s fashion accessories revolve around affordable yet stylish designs. From earrings to bracelets to necklaces that comes in designs that could easily match any of your outfits any day, anytime.


The goal of the company is to bring life to the clothes you wear and to make you stand out from the rest. The inspiration of their designs are mainly street wear style where clothes are more trendy and rugged.


A whole lot of supplies as well as leather craft goods ranging from wallets to sandals to key rings. Not only does BarangShop sells handcrafted products, they conduct leather craft workshops as well. Not only that, DIY motorised toys kits are also available!


The owner’s idea of Wild Butter Co. is to bring back the origins of nut and peanut butters where it has substantial amount of health benefits. They stick to using quality ingredients and natural sweeteners.
I would love to spread my loaf with a thick serving of their matcha spread!!


Imageenation is a lifestyle design community aimed at showcasing the artistic talent of the Asia Pacific. They carry a huge variety of products from different brands that cater to both the young and old, from handmade bibs to facial masks.


Started off as a hobby making elastic bracelets out of pony beads and now involving other materials such as raw gemstones and precious metals. ThreeOneTwoFive’s jewelleries are on of a kind and the owner hopes to turn the business into a social enterprise which offers opportunities for women to better their lives.

Bw Apparel


Bw Apparel meant “Black White Apparel” in short. It was chosen because the founders wanted to emphasise on the idea of contrast which is the state of being strikingly different from something of close association.



Flaunt your curves with an attitude as you dress in KelseyLabel’s Label. You are spoilt for choice due to a range of dresses, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits as well as outerwear, perfect for casual, office wear of even to attend parties.


Shop your way through a series of bags and dresses that would be available for sale!


Every product has a background and story as to how they come upon it or source it in their travels. A range of gemstones and crystals bracelets and rings are design as they believe in each properties such as physical and emotional healing, etc.


A perfect snack that is still uncommon yet? Or probably a perfect snack to go with beer on a TGIF night as you spend your time lazing around?

After I spend my time painshakingly compiling all the tenants that would be displaying their products at DBS PayLah! Palooza, would you be heading over?? If yes, check out the details below!!

Event: DBS PayLah! Palooza, jointly organised with SCAPE
Date: 5 to 7 May 2017
Time: 1pm to 9pm
Venue: SCAPE Playspace
Download PayLah! now and enter promo codePAYLAH505” and get S$5 to spend at the event!
Do hashtag #dbspaylah #dbspaylahpalooza #paylahpalooza when you visit!Checkout my other post where I talk about going Cashless.

(Image Credits: All images are from each respective web pages or social media platform.)

Skip Queues During Rush Hour With DBS FasTrack

Old Tea Hut with DBS FasTrack
Singaporeans are probably not the most patient breed of people on this planet. Yes, including myself who often whine about the queue after barely 10 minutes. It was from this problem that sparked DBS to come out with this new innovative mobile solution payment that would make our lives so much easier.
Check out this short video about DBS FasTrack, acted by Sylvia Chan from Night Owl Cinematics!
So bascially the idea of not needing to queue at all would definitely appeal to most of us. Right now,
there are already a few brands making use of DBS FasTrack app to reduce the long waiting lines. These brands include:
1) Old Tea Hut
2) Five Star Resturant
3) Old Kim Guan (OKG Express)
4) Koufu
5) Boon Tong Kee
More brands are set to launch their apps as well. They include Li Xin Teochew Fishball, Tiong Bahru Bakery, Wolf Burger, Miam Miam, Qi Ji, Aloha Poke and Food City @ Midpoint Orchard!
DBS FasTrack is available for download in IOS and Android.
Old Tea Hut with DBS FasTrack
Time to bring DBS FasTrack to the test!
Bascially each brands had an app under their name. Download the ones that would deem relevant to you and follow the simple steps to purchase. An estimated waiting time would be shown and a notification will appear to inform you once your purchase is ready.
I basically paid by DBS PayLah!, an innovative mobile wallet app that allows customers to transfer money instantly and conveniently to one another.
”Let DBS handle the transections while allowing the merchants to focus on their craft, which is to produce quality food.”
Old Tea Hut with DBS FasTrack
Img from DBS
Old Tea Hut with DBS FasTrack
Img from DBS
Old Tea Hut with DBS FasTrack
Img from DBS
From actual case study results of Old Tea Hut
Old Tea Hut
-Increased in productivity and sales
(Increased 15% in sales with existing manpower)
-Reduces cash and change handling
-Reduced queueing
-Cashless Payment
With DBS FasTrack app, both the participating brand as well as their customers stand to gain in terms of effeciency and convenience. Definiely suitable since our lunch break is only an hour or less in this fast pace country.

Koufu at 100 AM mall in Tanjong Pagar and Square 2 in Novena have already started utilizing DBS FasTrack, making them the first food court in Singapore where you can pre-order your food! Koufu even have plans to expand its usage across all other outlets islandwide!

To celebrate DBS FasTrack official launch, enjoy 10% off ala carte orders via the Koufu app!

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DBS launches SPARK episode 6 at DBS Asia X

DBS Asia X
Who who’ve thought that DBS, a local leading consumer bank running a series of their own mini episodes?? I wasn’t aware till I attended the launch of Sparks episode 6 at DBS Asia X a couple of days ago as this mini series redefines the conventional meaning of banking. DBS hopes that the public not only perceive them as a company that does transactions but also a company that embrace innovation and digitisation. 
DBS SPARK episode 6
Img. from DBS
Episode 6 of sparks is inspired by the true story of Zaya Learning Labs as they faces challenges while trying to bridge the education gap, bringing education to children in low income communities through the use of technology and innovation. Neil D’Souza, the founder of Zaya Learning Labs was one of the panelist that shared with us his story and advices that day. Zaya Learning Labs was also the grand prize winner in the inaugural DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia in 2014. 
Joining him as panellists on stage were also Dr. Alex Lin (Head of SGInnovate, DBS BusinessClass Advisor), Gillian Tee (Co-founder, Homage) and David Pong (Co-founder, WaterROAM), each with their own inspiring story to share.
Since the lanch of Sparks episodes 1-5 in Feburary 2016, their trailers together with the 5 episodes have garnered more than 42 million views and over 1.7 million digital engagements across the region.
You may want to check out these episodes from this link below before the launch of episode 6 on the 17th of March.
DBS SPARK episode 6
Host and the panellists


DBS SPARK episode 6
Gillian Tee (Co-founder, Homage)


DBS SPARK episode 6
Neil D’Souza (Zaya Learning Labs)


DBS SPARK episode 6
David Pong (Co-founder, WaterROAM)


DBS SPARK episode 6
It was an informative session for me as I learnt that DBS Foundation actually provides holistic support to social enterprises at every stage of their journey, assisting them in their success as well as scaling up their social impact.
I also took away some key advises from these founders at the end of the session as well. (Not in exact sentences but almost there..)
”There are 10 thousands reasons to say you are not ready. Do not be afraid to start the journey, experiment and fail. You need to be comfortable with a bit of chaos. It was the impact that kept me going” – Gillian Tee
”Believe in yourself. Although you are clueless, pretend to know. Surround yourself with people who believe in your cause. Building a strong team is important. Deliver values and not let the media define your values.” – David Pong
”Do not take investment from somebody who does not know. Get the right person. You need plenty of support as well.” -Neil D’Souza
Anyway, couldn’t wait for episode 6 to be up!  #DBSsparks

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