Brewerkz Launches New Outlet at Orchard Rendezvous Hotel

Brewerkz’s brand new 200-seater restaurant at Orchard Rendezvous Hotel reflects their updated brand identity.

This new swanky Brewerkz bar has a cozy interior and relaxed alfresco seating. It definitely offers more than being a place for drinking. I noticed the Brewerkz outlet here has 20 bar taps that dispense the range of their award-winning craft beers. New seasonal brews include the newly launched collaboration beers from Sentosa Islander Brew available too!

Anyway, I was pretty excited to try Brewerkz’s new dishes highlighting Singapore’s melting pot of cultures. Its menu would include modern European, classic American, and Asian favorites. A third of the menu will feature new items served exclusively at Orchard Rendezvous Hotel.

New and exclusive dishes at Brewerkz Orchard Rendezvous Hotel

The 7-Herbed Crab Cake with Assam Dip is a mixture of traditional herbs with succulent blue swimmer’s crab. It was then breaded and deep-fried to crispy perfection. Since I am a sucker for herbs, I love the combination.

Cacio E Pepe with Pan-Roasted Quail features homemade taglierini with an exquisite red kampot pepper from Cambodia! Having quail meat in dishes is uncommon, I was surprised it is served in Brewerks! I enjoyed the thin noodle as it easily held in the robust gravy.

Brewerks supports sustainability and local businesses, which is why its snapper in Mangrove Red Snapper is sourced locally from Ah Hwa Kelong. Pan-roasted with creamy savory seaweed butter, I could not get enough of the umami. The accompaniment of napa cabbage infused with dashi butter sauce was also addictive. It was a dish that reminded me strongly of Chinese culture.

Last but not least, the arrival of the dessert Naomi got me excited. Being a dessert lover, its presentation is so eye-catching. It took me a while to realize the sizzling sound of popping rocks emitting from the dish. The texture of the rose was like tau kwa, but tasted nothing like it. Together with the other components, it is somewhat botanical and ‘healthy’ to me. Leaving it up to you guys to visit and try this unique dessert for yourselves!

Besides the 4 new dishes highlighted above, I also tried some of the old favorites below. They did not disappoint me one bit and the chef in charge definitely brought up the standards of the usual bar food.

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