Baan Dam Museum in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Baan Dam Museum, also known as the Black House Museum

Beside countless of temples, Chiang Rai is also well known for its Baan Dam Museum. It is one destination that stands out because of the dark, enigmatic vibes the museum gives.

This unconventional and hauntingly beautiful museum is a creation of the visionary artist Thawan Duchanee. He left an indelible mark on the art world with his unique blend of architecture, sculpture, and design.

Due to time constraints, we grab a ride using the indiver application and rush to its location. As we approach the Baan Dam Museum, the first thing that strikes us is its ominous, jet-black exterior. We quickly purchase the entrance ticket of 80 baht each and proceeded to explore the place.

The museum is not just one building but a collection of over 40 structures, each has its own distinctive design and purpose. It is like entering a realm where traditional Thai architecture has merged with a gothic, otherworldly aesthetic.

Upon entering the main building, I was greeted by a dimly lit space filled with an eclectic assortment of art and artifacts. I caught sight of animal skulls, eerie sculptures, and a many peculiar objects adorning the space. The artist’s source of inspiration draws heavily from Buddhism and animism. It is evident that his masterpieces explore themes of life, death, and the human connection to nature. Some might find it unsettling, while others see it as a masterpiece of artistic expression.

I continued exploring the serene gardens surrounding the museum. I somehow felt a sense of eeriness as it reaches 5pm, the museum’s closing time. Probably you would not be wanting to be wandering around the place after nightfall.

We were glad that we managed to squeeze in this museum into our itinerary. We stayed in Chiang Rai for only 2 nights at Hi Chiang Rai Hotel and it was quite rush. However, we still managed to visit all of Chiang Rai’s main attractions.

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