About Me

Chaptersofescapism.com is a platform created to feature my escape from reality. We all do need to indulge and pamper ourselves from time to time in order to maintain a balance in life. This is where I narrate my story and experiences for your reference.
My content revolve a causal lifestyle that includes arts, beauty, travel and food. I started blogging as dessertingbeauty.com since 2010, and have in fact contributed over 55 food articles/reviews on foodgem.sg website previously,  since Nov 2018.
Each blog posts involves careful curation of content for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purpose while each photos taken by myself undergo editing using Adobe software. All content are solely based on my personal opinions.
For brands who are keen for any form of collaborations, tastings or advertising, feel free to drop me an email at [email protected]
– Beauty Product reviews (based on value)
– Arts & Culture reviews
– Travel reviews
– Food reviews
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