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Hao Yi Tou Foot Reflexology Massage Review

Hao Yi Tou offers a range of therapeutic reflexology services at affordable prices.

I visited Hao Yi Tou Foot Reflexology which was located conveniently in the basement of People’s Park Centre. It is a perfect location for an affordable massage especially after shopping around the streets of Chinatown. Despite my legs being kind of aching, I went for the body massage instead.

The options available were foot reflexology, shoulder massage, body massage, and foot + shoulder massage. I did only for an hour and the body massage covered mainly my back and other muscles. I could feel myself being rather stiff due to long hours sitting and facing my computer screen.

The uncle who did the massage for me was quite skillful and had sufficient strength. He also asked me from time to time if it was too painful when I flinched slightly. Facing facedown too long can be slightly uncomfortable as well, and I started fidgeting a little.

Hao Yi Tou Foot Reflexology does have additional features such as providing Ipad to watch shows and even charging points are available too. Check out their large and spacious sofa-like chairs below.

They have another outlet located at Northpoint City level 2 with a similar range of services. Do check them out if you happen to be nearby and needed a massage!

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