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ReBalance Therapy Review at Rebalance Clinic

My experience with ReBalance Therapy

I recently went for a session of ReBalance Therapy at Rebalance Clinic, founded by Master Practitioner Andrew. So, what exactly is ReBalance Therapy? It is a methodology that integrates professional fascia stretch therapy and traditional bone-setting techniques.

This therapy helps people of all ages to manage body aches and other health problems. Such problems are usually due to the stressed tension of the fascia. I have a history of mild scoliosis, a condition that is a sideways curvature of the spine. Scoliosis usually causes mild backaches due to spinal misalignment.

I was pretty tense at the start but learned to relax as Master Practitioner Andrew performed the ReBalance Therapy. The session varies from person to person, depending on the individual’s condition. Therefore, I have avoided describing my ReBalance Therapy process in detail.

Rest ensure that your wellness is in the safe hands of Master Practitioner Andrew. He is a professional trainer for over a decade! After the session with him, I literally felt “lighter”, less stiff & better mobility than before.

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I recently also started using EMBRACE, a product for backcare.

Every purchase of EMBRACE ($59.90) will get you a $50 discount voucher. The voucher can be used for their signature ReBalance™ Therapy. You’re essentially paying only an unbelievable $9.90 for this ergonomic chair support! Do contact them for more details. *While stock lasts*

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