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Facial Hair Removal Treatment at Japan IPL Express

Do guys do IPL on facial hair for convenience?

The very first hair removal treatment I did previously was at Hairz. That treatment was to remove my underarm hair. I was wondering if I did for the facial hair, I would no longer need to shave my mustache and beard?

That was just partly true as I heard from the therapist that it would take 7-10 IPL sessions to achieve a slower hair growth rate. However, I only did the hair removal treatment once at Japan IPL newest outlet, Northpoint City.

Japan IPL Express requires no booking and I just have to walk in. After a quick registration at the counter, I was led into the room of clinical resemblance. At Japan IPL Express, the price would be based on the number of IPL shots. For facial hair, it would require around 30 IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) shots to cover my facial hair area.

The process was really quick and I only felt warmth emitted by the machine. It was tingling but it passes quickly. The advice is given after treatment was not to perspire for the next 24 hours. It was difficult since I would need to have to keep my mask on due to covid regulation though.

Anyway, would be really curious to know if anyone would never need to shave facial hair again!

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