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Studio M Hotel Singapore, Chocolate Temptation Staycation Package Review

Studio M Hotel has always been well known for its comtemporary loft style rooms, and is located along Singapore River.

It took me less than 10 minutes to walk over from Fort Canning Station. The lobby felt like an art museum with full glass windows, minimalist decorations with an island-like check-in counter. The checking-in process was rather smooth as I received my room card within minutes.

I could not wait to explore the executive loft room as it would be my first time staying in one. The first thing that caught my eyes was definitely the glass windows that stretch all the way to the ceilings. The concept was to allow as much natural light to fill the room as possible. With the natural light brought in, taking beautiful photos would be such a breeze.

Having my room located at the corner of the hotel was such a privilege. It meant that I had gotten an additional angle to view the Singapore river as I pulled back the curtains. The stairs were in fact the center of my focus as well since I took many photos on them. As the bed was located on the upper floor of the loft, making me exercise a little though!

That day wasn’t any usual staycation as it was Studio M Hotel Chocolate Temptation Staycation Package.

Studio M Hotel doesn’t only offers hotel rooms stay but also unique packages that include interesting workshops for guests. From fragrance to resin workshops as well as the exclusive “Make Your Own Bean To Bar Chocolate Workshop” I had participated in this time!

For the mentioned workshop, Studio M Hotel has collaborated with the renowned Pastry Chef Janice Wong. Receive your golden ticket, book the allocated time slot, and step into the mystery chocolate theme room! This 1-hour workshop allows you to understand the roasting of beans, winnowing, grinding & conching process. Not forgetting that you get to take home your chocolate bar the following day!

Aside from the chocolate temptation workshop, I always make sure to explore the hotel I stayed in thoroughly. That includes booking the pool slot for an hour of dip and visiting the gym for barely 3 minutes. I tried hunting around the room for bathrobes for my pool OOTDs but did not manage to find any. Would have it skip that!

That night, I settled my dinner elsewhere since Breeze, a dining place beside the pool is still under renovation. Another great option would be to dine in one of the many restaurants located along the Singapore River. It would be just a minute’s walk away and you could enjoy a perfect view, don’t you think?

Breakfast the following day at MEMO cafe was all part of Studio M Hotel’s package. I selected the American’s style breakfast which was customizable. There was also nasi lemak which my buddy ordered as well.

In conclusion, it was an interesting experience especially when it comes to a loft concept. The upper deck was rather cozy and perfect for a small group gathering or party. For more booking information, check out Studio M Hotel’s webpage here!

Enjoy 10% OFF when you make a room booking on Studio M Website. Remember to quote discount code: ALVIN10 (Till 31 Dec 2022)

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