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Bespoke Fragrance Workshop at Maison 21G

Maison translates from French as ‘home’, while 21G represents the weight of our soul. Maison 21G empowers us to design our very own fragrances that reflects our unique personalities.

I took a little trip down to Duxton Road which Maison 21G flagship outlet lies. The friendly fragrance designers greeted me, so as the lovely scent lingering in the store.

I first got to understand the brand a bit more before diving in to start my customization workshop. All of Maison 21G perfumes contain 21% perfume concentrate, which is one of the highest of the industry. This in fact shows that Maison 21G do not compromise on their perfume quality! Beside that, their scents are 100% cruelty-free, and without preservatives, GMOs, CMR substances, or phthalates.

My bespoke journey begins from taking a personality quiz from their website here. This quiz is useful in discovering my scent personality and it revealed that I am “The Free Spirit”.

Life is an adventure and you’re destined to make the most of every aspect of it. Habits and routines are totally unknown to you, as you live life in the fast lane. Rules are meant to be broken, and boundaries to be pushed. You enjoy life and all its challenges. You are always busy travelling, working out or meeting new people and thriving, all while living free and unrestricted.

The quiz resulted in a proposed mix of different fragrance notes. Since there is no right or wrong combination to begin with, it all depends on individual preference. With reference from the proposed mix, I began to select my perfect combination. I was hoping it would turn out refreshing, earthy and perhaps a little spicy. The step involved tailoring and balancing the volume (g) into the alcohol base. My bespoke perfume was born, not without the kind assistance of Maison 21G fragrance designer.

Maison 21G not only does bespoke perfumes but also home scents. It include candles, hand sanitizers and reed diffuser.

The reed diffuser was one of their latest offerings and I sure was glad to personalize its fragrance as well. Since it would be for home, I customized it based on some of my favorite ingredients I had in mind. I wanted it to be floral-fruity kind of combination, soothing yet sweet. After a little experimentation with assistance, I finally had my reed diffuser personalized too!

You might probably be curious about both my perfume and reed diffuser components combination? Let me share them below:

Perfume = Ginger Game + Terrific Tonka + Lime Lights

Reed Diffuser = Rose Ritual + Bergamot Blast +Raspberry Redemption

Each selected scent has an information card with descriptions on. The information include benefits, a scale from subtle to strong percentage as well as the characteristics. It was definitely really useful in case you might like to use back similar scents for your next customization.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed myself going through Maison 21G bespoke fragrance workshop. These bespoke fragrance products makes a perfect gift for friends or family too! If you would like to purchase as well, key in M21Gescapism15 for 15% OFF! Check out their website NOW!

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