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Salon de Edmund Signature Aromatherapy Scalp Treatment Review

Aromatherapy scalp treatment is a 2 stage therapy that uses the essence from nature. Essential oils extracted from plant sources, free of harmful chemicals, SLS, SLES, Parabens or Alcohol. 

Salon de Edmund is a hair salon located along Upper Thomson since 2019. They believe in using the highest quality products to ensure less damage on customer’s hair and scalp.

I decided to head over to Salon de Edmund for my Aromatherapy scalp treatment during the off peak period that day. The salon is a stand alone building with classic black and white furnishing.

Before the aromatherapy scalp treatment commenced, a machine was used to allow me to review my scalp condition. I could clearly see sebum building up on the roots of my hair. In a long run, it could cause hair loss as explained by the hairdresser.

Without further delay, the treatment started off with the application of detoplus ampoule. The first stage is a prerequisite detox treatment to remove the toxins from the scalp, restoring the scalp’s optimal conditions. I enjoyed the cooling sensation on my scalp during this purification process. The stream emitted from another machine assists to open up my pores, unclogging sebum beneath.

The next step was the application of the shampoo (note that normal shampoo can’t apply directly). I was later led to the hair wash area to rinse/wash my hair, followed by a scalp massage to promote blood circulation.

For the second stage of Aromatherapy Scalp Treatment, there are 4 types to target different scalp problems.

There are Revitalizing (hair loss), Soothing (sensitive scalp), Rebalancing (oily scalp) or Purifying (dandruff). My application was the rebalancing to combat my oily scalp. I love the herbal smell that actually lingered on my hair for the next 3-5 days.

With the Thomson East Coast Line (brown) opening up on 28 August, it is definitely more accessible for customers make a trip over. Salon de Edmund also specializes in Goldwell Elumen Colour and Tokio Inkarami Treatment. Thank you for the hair cut as well as I like to have my hair short and tidy!

Do check out their promotion here, or their website here for more information!

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