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In-Ko Korean Waterless Facial Treatment (Review)

In-Ko uses the latest Korean healthcare technologies and unique herbal formulas in their treatments.

It is great that I get to experience another facial using different technology after my experience at IDS Aesthetics.

In-Ko is conveniently located at International Plaza, in the midst of central business district. Without a doubt, it is a great location where corporate ”workers” could book an appointment during their lunch break.

Changing into a pair of slippers was the first thing I did upon entering In-Ko. The registration process of filling up a form was smooth for first timers. Before long, I was being led to place my bag into the assigned locker and had changed into the robes provided. I had some time to marvel at the beautiful wallpapers and the large mirror reminded me of Beauty & the Beast castle’s furnishing.

As explained to me, In-Ko Korean Waterless Facial is suitable for sensitive, acne-prone skin and even those with eczema. It helps reduce inflammation and acnes, minimizes pore size as well as providing skin with hydration boost. Time to check out the process of the facial treatment.

In-Ko Korean Waterless Facial Treatment Process uses ultra-high-speed vibration technology.

The treatment started off with the cleansing of my face as it was probably oily after a whole day of work. What felt like cool mist (biological cell water) was then emitted from the vibration technology via a tube. The vibration technology transforms liquid molecules into ultra fine particles. These particles touches every inch of skin, penetrating and moisturizing from within. The sensation so refreshing as though my skin was “drinking” up the moisture thirstily.

Solution soaked patches were then place onto my face to assist in softening of whiteheads for easier extraction. This method is less harmful as compared to having warm steam blowing on my face, which I experienced elsewhere.

Extraction would probably be the most dreaded and painful process during a facial treatment. However, it is also the most satisfying process since it would mean I could attain clog-free pores! I am so thankful that my facial therapist was so meticulous in ensuring she left no pores unclogged!

Using the patented technology of the micro-nano bubbles energy generating device.

The next device uses high magnetic shock molecules which causes the water molecules to split and transform into high-oxygen nano water molecules. It is basically to ensure the herbal serum used penetrates the pores of my skin readily. On the side note, I definitely love the smell of anything herbal / Chinese medicinal.

Last but not least would be putting on the face mask. In-Ko Korean Waterless Facial Treatment did not end there as my facial therapist did an unique facial lymphatic massage. It is a form of facial massage technique which releases toxins clog from head to shoulders. It felt slightly painful to me as I am probably not used to it.

You might want to check out their website for details of In-Ko Korean Waterless Facial. Other healing facials and body treatments with In-Ko available too.

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