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Hotel Review – PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering, Lifestyle Room

This hotel is for you if you would love to enjoy an elevated version of a cabin-in-the-garden feel.

Staycation is probably one of the most popular form of escapism ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hits. The only “leisure” I enjoyed after CNY would be a staycation at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering.

After a pretty smooth check on a New Year’s Eve, we made our way to the 11th floor where our “Lifestyle Room” is located, admiring the architecture along the way. The hotel is indeed furnished with natural elements such as integrated water features and greenery, living up to its name as an eco-friendly hotel.

We definitely took more than 15 minutes taking pictures once we had entered the PARKROYAL room. The modern cabin-like room had automated buttons to draw the 2-layer binds, allowing natural light to fill the room. With extensive use of wooden elements, it almost felt partly Japanese to me even though the toilet and bath were glass cubicles.

Without wasting any more time, we changed into our trunks and bathrobes as we made our way to level 5, where the infinity pool lies.

If PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering Hotel is a garden, its pool would probably be an oasis. Yes, with many birdcages.

After the confirmation of our booked time slots for the pool, we headed in to “chope” poolside seats. Booking is now a compulsory move by hotels to prevent overcrowding as well as to adhere to safe distancing measures.

Most other guests were busy taking photos since there was an excellent view overlooking Hong Lim Park and the business district. We did the same since it was too shallow for a proper swim.

The colorful birdcages found along the pool were notable features and location for photo taking. I had my fair share to posing in front of these birdcages, with and without robes on.

The gym is also open for fitness gurus with booked preferred time slots. Definitely not for me as I wandered over to a mini herbs garden corner along the other end of the pool.

I do not see much joy in having buffet without seeing a spread before me.

It was a sad truth to find out that buffets have been converted into ala carte buffets. Pricing at over $100 per pax, we opted for the ala carte menu instead.

The selection was quite bad since many dishes were unavailable that night. We sipped on complimentary blue pea flower tea while we pondered over our food options. We ended up ordering mushroom soup with truffle oil, Pickering Lobster Laksa, Butter Chicken, Cheese Chicken Cutlet and a chocolate plated dessert. The service was impressive but the food wasn’t as they were just meh. Still, we were pretty stuffed full.

As for breakfast the following day, there were 5 breakfast sets to select from. Carrot cake, fried noodles with chicken wings and other English breakfast sets shown below. Pretty average yet good enough to keep me full.

To aid in our digestion after breakfast, we headed over to level 5 once again to have a stroll. The contours of the hotel landscapes makes walking through more exciting, with a variety of plants along each sidewalk. There were even artificial rock formations and wall-waterfall to mimic the natural environment.

Not to forget more photo taking with the multi-tiered architecture before heading back to our room for a quick nap before check out!!

(Note: Worn mask immediately after taking photos and photos taken without anyone else within close radius.)

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