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Northern Culture Museum In Niigata, Japan

Niigata Prefecture is located along the coast of Japan in Chubu Region. One of the main highlights of Niigata would definitely be its premium quality rice.

Due to time constraint upon arrival in Niigata, the one destination we had decided to visit was the Northern Culture Museum. The place was originally served to pass down the historical lifestyle and culture of Japan’s great Ito landowner. They were originally farmers who lived in the Edo Period from 1603-1868.

The mundane bus ride from Niigata station to Northern Culture Museum was about 50 minutes long. Paddy fields were seen withering as winter claimed its season of the year.

Upon arriving, we made our way towards the entrance of Northern Culture Museum. I wasn’t at all surprise that the place felt so isolated from the outside world. We paid an entrance fee before starting our exploration.

Different season offers different form of beauty. I get to experience another form of winter wonderland. This time with Zen in place.

Being allowed to roam around freely in the large estate as shown from the map above was such a joy. Indoors were also accessible but we were required to remove our shoes and wear the slippers provided. My feet were freezing cold as I remove my shoes.

Northern Culture Museum not only offers history & culture but also well preserved architecture as well as Zen-like garden. Did I forget to mention that this place has countless photo worthy location as well? These spot includes:

  1. Gazing over the beautiful garden while seated on the tatami mats
  2. Strolling along the wooden framed corridors
  3. Pretending to be a guest in the hall and tearooms
  4. Enjoying the outdoor and garden
  5. With historical architecture of the museum as background
  6. Peering and admiring cultural artefacts

Countless photoshoots got us starting to feel hungry and tired. There was an in-compound restaurant but was closed during our visit. We did not have the privilege to savor their priced rice.

At least we bought small packets of 1kg rice back to Singapore with us to cook!

To learn more about my vacation spots in Japan during winter, check out this post. Other travel reviews can be found here as well.

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