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What Supplements Do You Think I Snagged From Nano Singapore Shop?

Supplements are something that most people around my age (shhhh) might start looking up on since maintaining of well-being is of utmost importance. Who would want health problems to seek you out earlier in life if you had a choice? In fact, our usual diet/daily intake often do not tally to what our body requires.

For me, I shall skip the being skeptical part of supplements since I myself do need to take Vitamin C tablets due to inconsistency of eating sufficient fruits and vegetables on a daily basic. Checking out Nano Singapore Shop, an ecommerce platform that gained a worldwide reputation for affordable beauty and health supplements. With countless media mentions and of course being FDA approved, GMP certified (good manufacturing practice) and using 100% natural ingredients, led me to scroll through their supplement offerings.

Lets take a look at the 4 types of beauty & health supplements I have snagged from Nano Singapore Shop.

The very first supplement that caught my attention on Nano Singapore Shop was the Nano Collagen Gummies with Vitamin C, Biotin & Selenium. Not because I love gummies (although I do), but I felt that I definitely lack the daily intake of Vitamin C from my diet which helps protect skin cells from the damaging free radicals caused by UV exposure. A quick search tells me that biotin, also known as Vitamin H, which plays an important role in the health of our hair, skin & nails. The added Selenium on the other hand is an essential mineral that ensures the proper functioning of our body, neutralizing free radicals as well.

I have religiously started taking these gummies daily upon receiving them. Each gummies are cutely shaped like strawberries and was pretty chewy. Its ingredients contain fish (tilapia & cod), which explains its mild fishiness that was masked by the fruity flavor of strawberry.

A bottle contains 120 gummies which could last 2 months and the recommended dosage would be 2 gummies per day.

Vitality Formula Men’s Multi-Vitamin & Whole Food Blends would be a supplement which guys like myself would get curious about. Besides the part that states that it could improves sex drive, it has other benefits such as supporting vision & memory, promotes healthier hair as well as boost energy and immunity. A quick look at the supplement facts show that it contains a range of vitamins from A to E as well as other essential nutrients.

A bottle contains 180 capsules which could last 3 months and the recommended dosage would be 2 capsules per day.

I guess it isn’t at all surprising for me to grab the Digestive Wellness Formula, 9 All Natural Enzymes With Proprietary Probiotic Blend since I have compulsive overeating behavior at times. I do in fact have countless experience of eating past satiety or until feeling uncomfortably full, resulting in indigestion and bloating. This supplement formula is a all natural enzyme blend of more than 200 plus fruits and vegetables, which could reduce weight gain, improves digestion and gut wellness. Why not give it a go as it might ease my digestive problems?

A bottle contains 60 capsules which could last 1 month and the recommended dosage would be 2 capsules per day.

Last but not least, I picked the Cordyceps Prestige Plus Lingzhi Reishi & Shitake since I recognized the importance of cordyceps in Chinese herbs. Not only that, I kind of love the addition of other mushrooms with a series of other different health benefits as well. This supplement supports healthy immunity, energy boost, supports antioxidant as well as maintain healthy cells.

A bottle contains 120 capsules which could last 2 months and the recommended dosage would be 2 capsules per day.

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  1. Gummies will definitely be the easiest form of supplements for most people, especially for my hubby who hates tablets, and more convenient than those powder form ? will check out the Nano Collagen Gummies with Vitamin C, Biotin & Selenium.

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