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AWADH, The Only Indian Restaurant In South East Asia Serving Authentic Lucknawi Cuisine

AWADH, an Indian restaurant located in Orchard, The Centrepoint, is the only Indian restaurant in South East Asia serving authentic Lucknawi cuisine. Some might be curious about what’s so unique about Lucknawi cuisine which originated from the city of Lucknow itself.

We were introduced to a small segment of spices, out of the 120 that were used in Lucknawi cuisine before commencing the meal. Using age old secret recipes which are their family’s heirloom, the chefs of AWADH uses these aromatic herbs, spices, flavored ghee, and saffron for their dishes. It is definitely a dying art which the chefs uses to temper with the dishes as they had mastered the complex cooking techniques picked up from young.

After washing my hands from a bowl of water filled with flower petals, I drank the shot of Mango Lassi that was served. Glad that it wasn’t too sweet and it definitely whetted my appetite.

First up would be the Murgh Multani Shorba, a fragrant chicken broth that is Awadhi’s signature recipe. The broth was slightly creamy, containing bite-size chunks of almost melt-in-the-mouth chicken meat. I really enjoyed the use of the spices, giving the dish a slightly spicy note.

A series of appetizers were served next which got me rather excited after enjoying the broth!

Tandoori Macchi – Char grilled boneless pieces of fish gently marinated in tandoori spices and thickened yogurt. It was one of my favorite dish that night since each chunky slabs were pretty fresh and had an excellent bite to it. Not only that, its flesh was rather moist and paired well with the marination.

Reshmi Broccoli – Broccoli florets marinated in a creamy marinade of cashew paste, char grilled in the tandoor. It is quite rare that I actually enjoyed a broccoli dish, mainly due to the charred taste and the creaminess.

Tandoori Lehsuni Jhinga – Garlic marinated prawns char grilled in the tandoor oven, served with a mint sauce.

Kurkuri Okra – Served perfectly crispy, these okra in a delicate spice mix makes pretty good snacks!

I admit that I was quite impressed with the appetizers not because each dish was rather unfamiliar, but unique to me. I had to suppress the urge to overload myself before the mains arrive.

Gosht Galawat – Known to be a staple in Awadhi cuisine, these mutton patties with a blend of over 25 rare spices literally melts-in-my-mouth and I am not kidding! Complemented with Mughlai paratha & yogurt mint chutney.

I almost thought the following were considered a set since they complimented naan/garlic naan pretty well. Top of my list would be the Bhatti Ka Murgh, tender pan seared chicken marinated in spices. For Mutton lovers, go for the Bhuna Gosht while the popularly known as butter chicken Murgh Makhni Jehangiri was another of my top favorite!

Other dishes includes the Lehsuni Motiya Saag Paneer as well as the Sultani Dal.

Last but not least, be sure to enjoy AWADH’s take on Apple Jalebi which is made from granny smith green apple slices, lightly spice-battered and steeped in sweet syrup. The balance of the tartness and sweetness was so perfect for me that I did not even need to dip these crispy desserts into the sauce.

Simply show this post to the staffs and receive a complimentary sampling plate consisting of a trio of kababs when you dine at AWADH! This offer is exclusively available for dine-in customers upon making a reservation. Offer is valid until 30 September 2020.

Address: The Awadh, The Centrepoint, 176 Orchard Road, #01, 33H, 238843


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