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Top Things To Do At Ba Na Hills, Vietnam

The sighting of a fantasy bridge held up by a pair of hands started making rounds on the internet about 2 years back, catching the attention of many. I was one of the many whom was intrigued by such amazing structure and made a trip to Da Nang for that experience.

Known as the Golden Bridge (Cau Vang), it was located on Ba Na Hills, a hidden “playground” which offers much more than just a bridge. Ba Na Hills is basically a theme park & resort nestled on a mountain top. Who would have expected that?

It might sounds confusing but there were few routes to reach Ba Na Hills itself. Right after purchasing the entry tickets, we picked the route which involved an old school electric tram ride upslope as well as a rather steep cable car ride up the mountains. The scenery was so amazing and as we neared the theme park, we caught sight of the majestic Golden Bridge emerging from the clouds. It was afternoon and the bridge was terribly packed with tourists that day. I managed to take many photos, not without people in my way and being photobombed can be rather annoying.

The next thing that caught our attention was the Alpine Coaster and we headed over to queue despite the snaking long line. The sun was rather scorching as we waited for over an hour before our turn. Seated in twos and able to control the cart’s speed, we felt that the ride ended way too fast though.

For those who enjoy amusement rides could proceed on to the fantasy park where you could get entertained with the limited number of rides or even play some arcade & carnival games which probably had difficulty appealing to me.

We were right in time to view the parade where many foreigner performers were dressed in colorful costumes and engaging the excited crowd. Remember to check on the parade schedule if you would like to catch them perform from the front rows.

Did I forget to mention that Ba Na Hills is indeed a beautiful place for photography besides the Golden Bridge? There are definitely many locations for OOTDs such as:

  1. Many Different Gardens
  2. Religious Statues such as the Buddha & Temples
  3. Cathedral
  4. Wax Museum (additional charge)
  5. French Village

We spent almost the entire day exploring Bana Hills, taking many photos till evening. That was when the crowd has started to disperse and it was time for us to make our way down Ba Na Hill via a cable car ride as well. Do remember to apply sunscreen as we got a little sun burnt spending almost the entire day at Bana Hills!

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