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Premium Milk Tea from Bober Tea

It has always been a joy for me to grab a cup of bubble tea to sip on the go whenever I felt the need for caffeine or a sugar rush. In short, bubble tea is definitely my source of motivation! I recently tried Bober Tea which currently have 5 outlets around Singapore and pending more.

They pride themselves as being one of the world’s leading tea makers, using premium tea leaf and brewing techniques for great tasting teas. I headed to the outlet located at Boon Keng and tried 6 of their bubble teas!

My favorite would be their Fragrant Taro Latte since I have always been a fan of taro. The taro taste was subtle, allowing the milkiness to take lead. Texture was thankfully not grainy like those I have tried before.

Roasted Oolong Milk Tea was the most original tasting as compared to the rest and I love basic milk tea at times. I love the aroma of roasted teas too.

Brown Sugar Creme Brulee Milk was torched, thick and creamy and definitely was satisfying with the chewy brown sugar boba.

Brown Sugar Boba Oreo Milk tasted like a generous amount of oreo cookies dunked in milk and loaded with brown sugar boba. Perfect for cookie lovers.

Just like the taro, the matcha taste in Brown Sugar Boba Matcha Latte was quite subtle as well. Works for those who love the mild hint of matcha yet preferred the taste of milk more.

Last but not least would be the Hokkaido Chizo Matcha which I also love. I could taste the slight savory cheesy taste as well as the hint of matcha at the same time. Quite a well balanced rich and creamy drink!

Check our their website here.

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