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Embracing Wellness With Qi Philosophy Cafe

Situated at Sky Terrace at Dawson, just barely 10 minutes walk from Queenstown MRT lies Qi Philosophy Cafe amidst lush greenery.

As the founder, Choo San strongly believes in a well-balance life, clean eating as well as proper nutrition intake. Therefore, she personally curate each recipes and even uses healthier ingredient options such as brown rice and low GI basmati rice. She also keeps in mind of customers that requires special diets so that they could enjoy her modern fusion cuisine without worry.

As all the dishes were quite on par in terms of tastiness and it was really difficult to determine my favorite. If I were to pick, I would probably go for the Laksa Pesto Pasta made using homemade laksa pesto sauce. I enjoyed how the sauce was so flavorful and generously sprinkled with herbs, served along with sliced chicken, cherry tomatoes, soft boiled egg and sambal chili.

A dish which I unexpectedly enjoyed would be the vegetarian option, the Baked Tom Yum Vegan Enchilada. The wrap is indeed huge, containing a mixture of healthy ingredients such as black bean, mushroom, cabbage, carrots, tomato salsa, guacamole, etc, oven baked with tom yam sauce and vegan cheese. I really love the vegan cheese so much that I could easily wipe clean the bowl.

For a more traditional Chinese taste, the San Bei Ji Traditional Chicken Stew really hit the mark. It is a popular Taiwanese/Chinese dish cooked with a cup of soy sauce, rice wine and sesame oil each, resulting in its name “san bei’ (3 cups). The chicken was well marinated and tender, perfect to enjoy with a bowl of rice.

Try other local healthy rendition like their Nyonya Dry Mee Siam as well as Healthy Basmati Nasi Lemak which did not disappoint me as well. The traditional peranakan mee siam dish was fragrant with rempah spices while the nasi lemak uses coconut milk and pandan infused basmati rice had roasted rendang chicken which I was addicted to!

Besides their delicious food, for those who require an event space to celebrate a birthday, wedding or any private event, booking at Qi philosophy Cafe requires no rental fees! All that is required would be a minimum spending on food dishes prepared fresh from its kitchen.

Address: #01-02, 93 Dawson Rd, Sky [email protected], 142093

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