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Top Things To Do At Hoi An, Vietnam

I instantly fell in love with Hoi An, an ancient trading port city the moment I stepped in. Dragging my luggage passed a Vietnamese couple taking their wedding photoshoot along the scenic Thu Bon River, rows of historical shophouses and other buildings that were pretty well preserved throughout the years came into sight.

After checking in at The Corner Homestay, our lodging for the following 2 nights, we could not wait to get some local street food from vendors which we had spotted setting up along the way. Some of our favorite snacks were banana crepe drenched with chocolate sauce, charcoal bbq octopus and coconut cake.

Despite being under the scorching sun, we spent the entire day exploring the streets to take photos of historical landmarks that survived the test of time. These include the Japanese covered bridge, shophouses and temples.

Looking for Vietnamese souvenirs to take home? A range of different products such as local handicrafts and artworks, knock-off goods, clothes, lanterns and many more could be found in Hoi An. I got myself some pretty decent clothes to add to my closet!

Shopping till nightfall could get really draining. Be sure quench your thirst with some icy street desserts with different toppings or drop by a coffee house along the way since Vietnam is rather well known for its potent brew of unique coffee beverages!

The night remained bustling with activities as locals and tourists alike scours through the streets for food or souvenirs. Pay a small fee and get to enjoy a short sampan boat ride with your partner as both of you light a paper lantern and release it into the river. Countless shops also display beautiful paper lanterns of various colors for sale, hoping to attract curious passer-by.

I definitely will miss Hoi An and would not mind being back again!

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