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6 Places To Visit In Kuching As A Non-Nature Lover

Kuching, despite being the capital of Sarawak, was a perfect place for a weekends getaway from a bustling city life in Singapore. I absolutely was in love with Kuching’s slow pace after spending 3 days 2 nights on this island of Borneo, East Malaysia.

Being someone who fancies the urban city more than nature itself, I have visited and listed down some of the places which you might want to add to your bucket list when visiting Kuching. Since driving wasn’t an option for myself, all these places are easily accessible by cab.

No more excuses about ”I am not a nature lover” if I could enjoy my stay!

1) Sarawak Cultural Village

Despite not being in sequence based on ”favorites”, I could only say that Sarawak Cultural Village should be one of your priority when visiting Kuching. You get to explore the cultural heritage of Kuching as well as experience a touch of rural life.

I was extremely lucky that the annual #RWMF, Rainforest World Music Festival falls during the weekends I was in Kuching! Countless Malaysian and foreigners alike would flock over to Kuching just to attend this festival hosted at Sarawak Cultural Village. Check out my blog post here.

2) Kuching Waterfront

Strolling along Kuching Waterfront is a great way to admire the beauty of Sarawak River, be it in the day or night. I grabbed my dinner at one of the eateries along the river since I could enjoy such a splendid view. There were also countless food trucks parked along the road, offering food options such as burgers, snacks & drinks. I remembered buying back a few blocks of Kueh Lapis from one of the stores too. For those who dislike long distance walks/walking, you could opt to take the river cruise as well!

3) Kuching Cat Museum

Since the locals termed Kuching as the ”Cat City”, how could you not visit Kuching Cat Museum? Although the admission is FREE, a very small fee is needed for photography in the museum itself.

Its collection features cat paintings, cross stitch, jewelry, sculptures, miniatures, toys of anything ‘cat’ related and even iconic cats such as the Hello Kitty and Garfield were not spared. Do not miss the souvenir booth if you know friends who love anything to do with cats!

4) Pictures with Cat Statues

As the cab drove from Kuching International Airport to Pullman Kuching Hotel , I could already spot a few cat statues around the city! The city really pride and calls themselves the Cat City with countless of these cat statues scattered around. Go ahead and have fun posing for pictures with these lovely felines.

5) Main Bazaar & Carpenter Street

Being the oldest street in the city of Kuching, it is no wonder the Main Bazaar offers heritage in the form of architectures and crafts from these old stores. This is basically the place where you get to shop for souvenirs & food. There are plenty of  coffee shops offering a taste of traditional yet mouth watering local Malaysian cuisines as well. I was so in love the char siew bao’s light and airy texture while my friend love the iconic Sarawak laksa.

Carpenter Street is basically close by, offering an almost similar experience to what the Main Bazaar has to offer.

6) Sarawak Textile Museum & Kuching Natural History Museum

For those who love history and culture, do visit Sarawak Texture Museum as well as Kuching Natural History Museum. Museums might not always seems to be popular destination to some but no harm gaining some historical insights that might impress your peers.

(PS/ Both museums are non related and in different locations)

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