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Matsumoto City Museum Of Art, Yayoi Kusama’s Hometown

Matsumoto is Yayoi Kusama’s hometown and the building is speckled with her signature polka dots. Even the shuttle bus which I took that made their rounds was covered in polka dots.
Btw, it has been some time since I last blog on this little space of mine. Just an update which has bugged me to finally post on my latest trip to Japan. The one pit stop from my itinerary was to visit Matsumoto City Museum Of Art despite the winter.

”The Place For My Soul” was the exhibition held within Matsumoto City Museum Of Art. It showcased various Yayoi Kusama’s works from when she started her art journey and so on. Sadly no photography was allowed and I had to respect that.
There was even lockers to store your belongings, a library, a cafe as well as a retail store which I ended up buying 2 of Yayoi Kusama’s merchandise. I also took some time wandering around the museum, admiring its architecture and taking photos of it. I sure was glad that I have visited a famous artist’s hometown!
In my opinion, these are the top 2 places I visited in Matsumoto City. You can check out the post here.

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