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IDS Clinic Pico Laser Treatment Review

I have been wanting to do face laser treatment ever since my army days, hoping that such a treatment could at least lighten my acne scars that had haunted me for years.
Since I am just lazy to do a detailed research on face lasers procedures as well as pricing, I decided to just stick back to the same skin specialist clinic which I have been visiting every few months for my keloid jabs and purchase of skin products.

I opted for a 6 session package which cost me around $2500+ and religiously scheduled each session every month for 6 months. For each session, the procedure was smooth, except that the waiting time could be a little unbearable after 6pm for Fridays (peak timing). The longest I had waited was 1.5 hours since the weekends would be perfect to stay home and away from staring eyes.
After the nurse have cleansed my face, numbing cream is applied for up to an hour for it to take effect. I usually kept requesting for the timing to reduce to half an hour instead since I could withstand the pain and did not like waiting too long. The pico laser procedure was quick, just like a scanner scanning through my face up to twice for deeper scars. As for being painful? Just don’t ask me because my tolerance has increase due to countless painful pimple extraction from facial outlets I had went before.
After each pico laser session, I would leave IDS clinic red-faced and wearing a mask to hide my face. (As you can see from the pictures, it gets pretty red.) Depending on the intensity of the laser session, the redness varies. Of course the pain varies as well. A cream was given for application to reduce the redness which I felt was hardly effective and just decide to let the redness subside on its own. The downtime was about 5 -7 days before my face wasn’t red and I wore mask to work to prevent stares. I also diligently applied sunblock and carry an umbrella just in case.
Don’t get me wrong as this is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to pen down my thoughts about laser treatments as I had always thought that such treatment does miracle to faces. Don’t daydream of having porcelain smooth skin after 5-6 sessions of treatment but as least I could see my acne scars being lightened to a certain extent. Thank you doctor!

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