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Tatinis Art Show 2018 – A Love Affair with Art (1-3 June 2018)

Early this June, I was privileged to have attended a media preview of Tatinis Art Show – A Love Affair with Art. The art exhibit was held at the F1 Pit Building, quite a walking distance away from the nearest MRT station which as Promenade.

The exhibition showcases both local as well as international artists, featuring over 400+ art pieces at seriously affordable price. The place was open to public for art collectors, art lovers or even an art newbie like me to browse around and appreciate art. There was performances going on such as belly dancing (I supposed) and more which I probably missed.
The crowd that day was a huge mix or local and internationals as well, with many either browsing around like me while some were chatting with the artists whom were standing around their individual booth with an array of their art works. I really loved some of their works and the exhibition was indeed an eye opener for me.

If you’re an art show lover like me, check out the other post where I share my experience on Singapore Contemporary Art Show.

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