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Melacca Dream Cruise Weekends Staycay (9 – 11 March 2018)

It wasn’t my first time taking a cruise to no-where but definitely the rare few travel related post on this blog. Recently I have the habit to blog about things straight to the point and not type a whole load of grandma story, knowing that nowadays people tend to view images more than reading a chunk of text. Am I right?
Melacca Dream Cruise was a weekend cruise which sets off at Marina Cruise Centre at about 7.30pm instead of 7pm due to delay. Throughout the cruise trip, I did not manage to take much pictures except a couple of selfies, knowing that my mum can’t take good photos.
Typical of cruise trips, the population of senior citizens on board was approximately about 65%? 25% were families with mainly young children while 10% belongs to the others category. Most rooms had a balcony which could be seen from one of the videos I have uploaded below, at the same time featuring my room for the 2 nights. The beds were higher than normal, extremely cosy and my mum and I had 2 fluffy pillows each!
I did not really explore the cruise ship much as most of the time we were feasting, me in the room watching countless movies which I had previously missed and well, waiting for the food to digest. The food were mostly buffet style, not say that fantastic but decent. Had watched one free performance since the other performances need to pay. I think most people from the older generation were pretty much occupied with the jackpot machines and I did witnessed an auction on board a cruise of the first time in my life.
I probably would not want to go for another cruise trip anytime soon. I find the experience getting more boring as compared to last time when I was much younger and the mere thought of going for a cruise trip and indulging on food the entire day excites me. Don’t get me wrong as who knows I might have a sudden urge to go on another cruise staycay in time to come?

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