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Fennel Hot Spring Resort 茴香戀戀溫泉會館 from Kaoh Siung 高雄

Fennel Hot Spring Resort 茴香戀戀溫泉會館
It has been almost a month since I came back from my trip from Taiwan, Kaoh Siung 高雄. I spent about a week in Kaoh Siung 高雄, mainly sight seeing in the urban cityscape and night market hopping as the friend I went with was a maniac in architectural and food photography. As for me? I definitely needed to visit places of relaxation or inspiration since I enjoy blogging about such stuff.
You probably won’t find a week’s worth of Kaoh Siung 高雄 itinerary since I only intend to share about Fennel Hot Spring Resort 茴香戀戀溫泉會館, Pier-2 Art Center and Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts. Of course I had spammed enough pictures on my instagram as well as my migme account by now. 
Fennel Hot Spring Resort 茴香戀戀溫泉會館
Fennel Hot Spring Resort 茴香戀戀溫泉會館
The journey from Kaoh Siung 高雄 was long as it took about 2 hours (without traffic jam) by bus to reach 車城站. From 車城站, it was another 10 mins car ride or 45 mins walking distance to reach Fennel Hot Spring Resort 茴香戀戀溫泉會館.    
”Sichong river Hot Spring Area is located at Checheng Township in Pingtung County. The water here is Sodium Bicarbonate spring, excellent quality mineral water. The Sihjhongsi Hot Spring is considered one of the four major hot-spring areas among Taiwan, along with Yangmingshan, Beitou, and Guanziling.”
There were 2 spring options to pick from:
1) The semi outdoor naked spa 半露天景觀裸湯 which was more private and does not require you to wear swim suit and swimming cap. It comprises of Cold Spring Pool, Hot Spring Pool and Medium Hot Pool, costing NT$200 per person.
2) Health Spa Love Sea Water Therapy Spa 愛情海水療SPA which required me to purchase a swim suit and swimming cap since I did not bring mine. It comprises of  Hot Spring Spa, Spa For Children, Floral Hot Spring, Herb Hot Spring, Garra Rufa Obtuse, Cold Spring Pool, Hot Spring Pool, Medium Hot Pool and Steam Room. It cost NT$300 per person.

Garra Rufa Obtuse 溫泉親親魚池 is basically a tiny fish pond where you dip your feet in and these little fishes would start nibbling the dead skin off your feet. I even ”stole” other people’s fishes once my feet landed in LOL. 

Lockers available at a cost of NT$10 to place your belongings and their toilets have soap and shampoo as well. Many random photos below.
Fennel Hot Spring Resort 茴香戀戀溫泉會館
Fennel Hot Spring Resort 茴香戀戀溫泉會館
Fennel Hot Spring Resort 茴香戀戀溫泉會館

Fennel Hot Spring Resort 茴香戀戀溫泉會館
Fennel Hot Spring Resort 茴香戀戀溫泉會館
Garra Rufa Obtuse 溫泉親親魚池

Fennel Hot Spring Resort 茴香戀戀溫泉會館
Overall it was a relaxing experience since the day before, I spent half the entire day cycling to the end (cargo area) of Cijin. The distance sure was crazy….definitely CRAZY in a foreign land. Not forgetting walking over 30km each day…
There were many cute little kids playing around, more like a family orientated Hot Spring Resort and the place was not exactly well maintained since there were faulty activation buttons. I should not be complaining since I paid only NT$300 for unlimited time and I probably spend about 3-4 hours in there. Hmmm maybe more hotspring and spa posts in future?
You may want to check out their web page for more information here:

Checkout my other post where I visited Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts.

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