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Noise Exhibition X The Future of Us Exhibition

Everyone’s interest do change as we advance in age. Noise Exhibition.
Mine did as I got more interested in arts. Not surprising since I studied design during my polytechnic days. I just felt that the boundaries between design and art is just separated by a thin or even an invisible line.
My friend dragged me to a Noise exhibition held at Ion Orchard quite some time back. The purpose of the exhibition was to showcase the works of aspiring artists, designers, photographers or even musicians and performing artists. A form of an outreach program where these practitioners undergo an apprenticeship programme, mentored by established professionals.
My friend and I also went down to The Foothills (Fort Canning Park) to view the alumni show exhibition on the 30th of Oct. It was inspiring and I took pictures of some of the artworks as well.
Noise Exhibition artworks
Noise Exhibition ladder
Noise Exhibition canvas cup
I also got a chance to check out the preview of ‘The Future of Us Exhibition’ which you can purchase the free tickets on their website.
Amaze your friends with some of these really instagramable pictures that look as if you had just stepped into the future. Get to hear the lion roar, swing on swings and watch star and moon foams floating up into the air as well as write your dreams the screen and watch them appear on the large dome ceiling.
Anyway, more arts related blog post would be up in future!

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